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Marking Kit

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Bike-ID Security Sticker

When you use a Bike-ID security sticker, it tells people that your bike is registered using Bike-ID’s marking kit. The laser-engraved sticker is weather- and tamper-proof, and bears the unique serial number of your bike (i.e AAA000).

If the police find your stolen bike, they can search the Bike-ID database and return the recovered bike to its rightful owner. You can also check the status of any bike by entering the number from the sticker into the "search for a bike" field on the Bike-ID website.

Bike-ID Micro Tags

Each Bike-ID security marking kit includes 200 micro-tags the size of a grain of sand (0,4 mm), which all carry the same serial number as the Bike-ID security sticker. The micro-tags stick to the bike so strongly that to remove them, a thief would have to damage the surface of the bike.

Bike-ID micro-tags help identify the bike owner even if the security sticker and the frame number of the bike have been damaged or removed. To check the status of a bike, just enter the serial number (i.e AAA124) in the "search for a bike" field on Bike-ID’s website. Micro-tags can be read with a simple pocket-microscope (60x zoom).

What’s in the package?

Security sticker

Tube with glue and 200 micro-tags + applicator

Installation guide

Bike-ID Bicycle Marking Kit

- Warns thieves that your bike is registered and protected
- Identifies the bike owner when a bike is recovered

19.99 €

EU shipping: free;
International shipping: 3.99 EUR

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