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We’re sorry to hear that something happened to your bike!
Here we’ll help you make a claim, get your bike repaired or recover its value.


My bike was

My bike was stolen

Bike-ID Insurance is provided in partnership with If P&C Insurance AS, one of the largest insurance companies in Scandinavia. We’ve been there, and we want to help you get your bike back. First things first, go to the Bike-ID app and update the status of your bike to “stolen.” This way, if the police or another cyclist finds your bike, they’ll know it is stolen and that it belongs to you. You will be asked some questions about the theft. After that, we automatically start processing your insurance claim.

As a next step, please report the theft to the police. In order to pay out the claim, Bike-ID will need a police confirmation.

My bike was damaged

If your bike was damaged, visit any one of these repair shops. The shop will fix your bike and coordinate directly with Bike-ID to cover the costs. When the bike is fixed, pick it up from the shop where you will be asked to pay the deductible. That’s it - you’ll be back on the road quickly!

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When you purchased your insurance policy, you chose coverage against theft only or theft and damages. You can only make a claim on what’s covered. Bike-ID does not provide coverage for other uninsured bikes involved in an accident, or for any personal injuries stemming from a bike accident.

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